Designer Concrete Coatings

We specialise in ROCK SOLID Concrete Coatings which are innovative and unparalleled in quality.

Ideal for driveways, patios and garage floors
Driveway Before Concrete Coating

We have solutions for application on any concrete surface, new or old. Our products are the ideal solution whether you are resurfacing that unsightly patio or you are wanting that finishing touch to your driveway, walkway, pool or deck. Check out the before and after photos on the right!

As with all painting and resurfacing applications, preparation is the by far the most important and crucial element. We have continued to implement our 10 step fail safe system over the years to ensure the best possible job guaranteed.

Once your new driveway or patio has cured it will set and harden to an amazing 65 MPA which is three times the strength of concrete.

And the results look fantastic. Check out the before and after photos on the right!

Benefits of the Concrete Coatings we Provide

Our coatings have many benefits including... 

  • Hardwearing - 20 times thicker than ordinary concrete paint for many years of service without fading or peeling After Designer Contrete Coating

  • Abrasive Resistant - won't scratch or peel under hot car tyres

  • Mould Resistant - mould simply can't attach to a sealed surface

  • Add Value - A wonderful facelift to add character to your home

  • Very Affordable - compared to tiling or paving

  • Huge Colour Range - Available in 100's of colour combinations

To find out more about a professional driveway coating, contact us today for a free consultation and colour analysis.



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